Terms and Conditions – Customer App

WELCOME to SHOTSPOT – your one stop digital platform that connects with you thousands of products and services of your essential needs and choice!

SHOTSPOT serves as a digital listing platform where several vendors can list their products and services. SHOTSPOT is a division of Cygal Systems WLL (hereinafter Cygal), a company registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain with Commercial Registration No. 145279-1.

  • SHOTSPOT is available on a mobile application only. We offer you the best possible way to interact with all the vendors registered on our platform to explore their products and services and place the desired order. Our endeavour is to provide the simplest and smoothest way to connect you to the registered vendors. 
  • SHOTSPOT wants to clarify that we have no role in the production, manufacture or preparation or delivery of any products or services that you intend to purchase from the vendors.
  • SHOTSPOT only offers you to search and order from the vendors which can deliver goods and services to you at their own terms & conditions.
  • SHOTSPOT has no power in enforcing the laws and regulations of the country on the registered vendor. Neither we endorse or guarantee in any way the quality of the product or service of the vendor. The vendor should be responsible for complying with all rules and regulations of the country they are registered in and are responsible for safety, hygiene, packaging etc.
  • SHOTSPOT does not guarantee or ensure that the products displayed on the platform matches and delivered to the user by the vendor. Moreover, SHOTSPOT is not responsible for any sort of undertakings by the vendor as our core purpose is just to connect the customers to vendors offering a spectrum of unique products or products and creating an omni-channel platform.
  • SHOTSPOT is not responsible for any wrong addresses or details provided by the registered customers or users of SHOTSPOT. Customers or Users are solely responsible for that.
  • SHOTSPOT urges all customers to always check the product details of the exhibited products from the vendors before placing an order to purchase. SHOTSPOT is just a conduit between the Vendors and the customers and have no role in processing the goods or services.
  • SHOTSPOT is not responsible if the request to purchase any goods or services has been canceled by the vendor due to some reason. Customers can directly contact the vendors. 
  • SHOTSPOT is not responsible for any cancellation and change in order. The customer should directly get in touch with the vendor or follow the payment T&C’s of the vendor. 
  • SHOTSPOT expects the customers to accept and acknowledge that the information such as Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, GPS is correct. Any loss incurred due to false information is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • SHOTSPOT is not responsible for any product return as in the vendor’s terms and conditions are applied in that case. SHOTSPOT also does not undertake any responsibility for any disputes which can occur from terms of the product returned.